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Saturday, December 17, 2011

drake concert

When Nick Drake (1948-1974) died of a drug overdose at twenty-six, he left behind 3 modest-selling albums, together with the stark Pink Moon and also the lush Bryter Layter. 3 decades later, he's recognized joined of the true geniuses of English acoustic music. nevertheless Nick Drake--whose music was as mild and melancholy because the man himself-- has forever maintained a spectral presence in widespread music. This groundbreaking biography reconstructs a vanished life whereas perfectly capturing the bohemian scenes surrounding the music business in London within the late '60s and early '70s. Using several newly discovered documents and all-new interviews, Trevor Dann reveals a lot of detail on Nick Drake than ever, from his upbringing in an exceedingly quintessentially English village, through his hash-fueled college days at Cambridge University, to the missed opportunities and mismanagement that outlined his career. Friends and colleagues describe the difficulties that he faced as every new album was released, solely to fail, and also the insidious despair that consumed him. Complete with discography and rare photos, Darker Than the Deepest ocean is important reading for anyone who has been moved by Nick Drake's unforgettable mix of beauty and unhappiness.