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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guide to DVD Audio

Easy LP to MP3
by: Kenny Hemphill
DVD Audio is a music format that is designed to offer improved audio performance over CD. The new audio format can be used to provide listeners with Advanced Resolution stereo and/or multi-channel (up to a maximum of six channels) music. In order to play back DVD Audio discs, players have to be specially designed to support the format. So far, consumer electronics manufacturers have announced a range of DVD Audio players, including home decks, portable players and devies for cars.

DVD Audio has a sampling rate of up to 192kHz compared to a maximum of 44.1kHz for CD. It also supports resolutions of up to 24 bits, compared to 16bits on CD.

The idea behind DVD Audio is that it alllows peoducesr to give listeners a playback experience that is much more faithful to the original master recording that has been possible previously.

DVD Audio discs have a much higher capacity than CDs. This extra space can be used to provide audio at the highest possible quality or for longer recordings, or to provide additional material, such as infromation on the artist, photos and even video, all of which can be displaye don a television screen. Alternatively, DVD Audio discs currently on the market from the likes of the Warner group of labels have the audio content in both DVD Audio format and as Dolby Digital surround so that they can be played back on regular DVD players.

DVD Audio discs are navigable in the same way as DVD Video when polayed back on a player connected to a TV set. Users can select the required track from an on-screen menu and with an internet connection, can click on links to go to websites.

These dual format discs are a good way to kick-start the market while DVD Audio players are still relativley rare. The market will also be helped by combined DVD Video and Audio players.

About the author:
Kenny Hemphill is the editor and publisher of Master DVD (, a website which provides information, articles, and tutorials on issues and products related to recordable DVD.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting On the Music Industry Radar Screen

Cobra XRS 9970G Voice Alert 15 Band Radar and Laser Detector
by: Ty Cohen
How to Get Noticed By Those
Who Can REALLY Help Your Music Career!

As you or your band performs, be it from club to club around town or nationally, there is usually one thing lingering in the back of your mind...

How do you go about getting that one big break that will push you ahead toward greater recognition and success artistically?

You know it happens to artist and bands all the time. That time could come soon for your group to break out of the local scene and land that recording contract or national tour that will get you on your way to greater success.

You know there are tried and true methods. Having a great demo or being interviewed on the local radio shows at once seemed like a good idea. But times have changed in the music industry. In this article, we will discuss some up-to-date information and inside tips on how to get noticed in this tough business, in short I�ll give you some info that will literally place on the music industry radar screen. The knowledge that I�m about to share with you will work for any and everyone: Songwriters, Singers, Musicians, Rappers and for all genres of music: Pop, Rock, Rap, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Grunge, Country and everything in between!

Where are the Scouts?

You have had the thought run through your mind as you perform for an enthusiastic crowd in a club or bar. Are there music industry scouts in this crowd? Maybe you just laugh it off but you have heard that they are out there watching bands like yours and signing the talented ones to develop into stars.

What you have heard is true. Industry insiders tell us that now more than ever, scouts are everywhere. You may worry that you are not living in one of the big �music industry towns� like New York, Chicago, L.A. and Nashville but that isn�t important. Remember, Seattle wasn�t on the map before grunge hit and they found Sir Mix A-Lot and for you Rock Heads, Kurt and Eddie.

But what if you don�t always have the biggest audience in town. Well, some of the biggest acts in the music business were �discovered� playing to a small and intimate crowd. If your performance is strong and you are getting good word of mouth, the music industry scouts will find you and check you out. So perform every night like they are out there because there is no reason to believe that they are not.

Go Get Them

But you don�t have to sit around and wait for them to come to you. The new �hunting grounds� for bands and talent are well known to the insiders. Once you know who it is that is feeding the information to music industry scouts and agents, you can learn the tricks of the trade to feed information about you or your band into that system. Here are a few of the newest methods and venues you can use to get yourself noticed:

* Perform, Perform, Perform. These days the local club scene is the most important way to get noticed. Don�t wear yourself out chasing agents or scouts. If your performances are strong, that will create a buzz and the word of mouth will get you noticed. Then the scouts will come to see you rather than you having to go and chase them.

* Build your relationship with your audience. Insiders tell us that scouts will come to a show for a musical venue they don�t even understand. If you are doing something bold and new that they are not able to evaluate musically, they will go by the crowd. If your audience responds with excitement and enthusiasm, that is what gets the eyes and ears of music executives. So pour yourself into the people for whom you are performing. That�s what you love to do anyway so it�s an easy way to get noticed and the right way too.

* Build your local network. Industry agents know club owners and booking agents for local events very well. If you have a strong reputation with them, they will pass that information along to the scouts who are looking for new talent.

* Indie (independent) labels are also a rich source of information for the larger recording houses to find out about up and coming bands. You may have indie labels near by so get to know them and get them to your shows so when they have a chance to connect you to a scout, your band is on their list of hot new acts.

* Never miss a chance to network but look for innovative ways to advertise yourself as well. The internet has lots of new and interesting sites that scouts are starting to watch for new talent. If you have the resources, get a web page up and get some MP3 samples of your performances out there. You can easily set up a website using a service like and you can also easily put your music on your site or anywhere else online, even in emails in MP3 format using a service like the one offered at .

The services offered by these two websites are extremely inexpensive and so simple to use, a 5 year old could do it, yet they will have you looking like a music industry professional in no time at all.

Is the Demo Dead?

From what we have learned so far, you would think the demo is ready to go into the hall of fame as an out-of-date tool. But the demo tape still has some real value to you. The best demo is one that showcases not only your musical skill but the personality and the performance skill of you or your band. If you can have someone put a demo together from one of your performances, that gives an agent or scout a bit of a feel for what to expect from you when he comes to see you.

So treat the demo as part of your bag of tricks but it isn�t the thing that is going to seal the deal. If a scout likes what he hears or at least his curiosity is peaked, he will then seek out ways to see you live. Then we are back to the club atmosphere, your relationship with your crowd and your performance. Those are the things that will get you noticed in a way that will lead to bigger breaks. Look at the demo as just the hook with a little bit of bait on it. You can also use your demo on your web page along with some video footage of your live performance to showcase the excitement of your shows. Remember both and offer some of the best services in the industry for doing this.

Video Didn�t Kill the Radio Star

Radio used to be the primary medium for distributing information about new acts and for getting your music played and noticed. But changes in ownership of radio stations and in how they are programmed have changed that too. The radio station is no longer a significant communication channel for you to use to get on the music industry radar screen.

A lot of factors have dropped radio off the radar screen for getting noticed. Airplay is not as much of a factor as it used to be when there was a lot of diversity in radio. Radio is nearly a monopoly with all of the play list decisions made by one central national firm. So if you think that any one individual at your area radio stations makes airplay decisions, you should revise that opinion because they do not. This little insider tip alone can save you huge amounts of wasted energy and frustration when trying to get noticed.

But don�t worry, scouts and music industry agents know they will not find the new, the innovative and the creative music on radio. They have turned from it to use local networking and club performances as their radar screen for new talent.

You do the same. Do not concern yourself a great deal with local radio coverage. Even college radio is virtually a dead venue for getting noticed in this new market. Focus on where the real contacts are being made today, through local contacts, word of mouth and above all club and local festival performances. Other good habits include using music industry contact directories like the one found at which list contact information to over 20,000 important people in the music industry.

It�s all in your network and what is happening on the street that will make the difference between you getting noticed or not. In a way, that�s the way it always should have been, having the focus placed on your band talent, performance skill and live shows. That is where your strength is anyway. Be a savvy marketer and use this knowledge to raise the awareness of your band, your talent, your songs and your performances.
About the author:

This article was written by Ty Cohen, the music industry's most recognizable voice! Ty is the C.E.O of Platinum Millennium Publishing and Platinum Millennium Records as well as owner of: http://www.MusicContractsOnline.comand

To find out more about Ty Cohen, his services, products and how he may be able to help you succeed in the music industry go to: http://www.MusicBusinesSuccess.comand sign up for his free limited edition music industry success 10-part "Mini-Course", it will work wonders for you and best of all, it's FREE, but EXTREMELY VALUABLE!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gary Husband's All-Star Force Majeure New Live DVD Release

by: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Featuring: Gary Husband (Drums/Piano/Composer & Leader) Randy Brecker (Trumpet), Jerry Goodman (Violin), Elliot Mason (Trombone/Bass Trumpet), Jim Beard (Keyboards), Matthew Garrison (Bass), and Arto Tuncboyaciyan (Percussion)

Gary Husband c/o
RSJ Groove Productions
PO Box 240
Ashford, Kent TN27 9ZB, United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 01233 840612
Phone & Fax: (+44) 20 7286 0821
Contact Gary:

United Kingdom--July 25, 2005--Gary Husband is a musician with no boundaries and his music clearly follows that direction every time he steps on stage to perform or in the studio to record.

What better example of that free form style and attitude than the new ambitious two DVD set with his hand picked Force Majeure ensemble entitled Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall-London. With the exquisite talents of such veterans as Randy Brecker (Trumpet), Jerry Goodman (Violin), Elliot Mason (Trombone/Bass Trumpet), Jim Beard (Keyboards), Matthew Garrison (Bass), and Arto Tuncboyaciyan (Percussion), Husband plays the drums, piano, and conducts his way through several outstanding jazz-rock-fusion-world compositions. His performances are electrifying as he jumps from the drums to the piano then to center stage to conduct the brass section of Brecker and newfound talent Elliot Mason.

With a myriad of talents at his disposal and some of the finest musicians in the world to assist, Husband makes his incredibly diverse talents look so fluid and natural that he defies categorization. The rest of the band smartly takes his lead and the result is some of the most absorbing music you will ever hear or enjoy watching.

Born into a highly musical family in Yorkshire in 1960, Gary Husband laid the fundamentals of his career in music through the study of classical piano and theory. By the age of 10, he was already increasing his musical capacity by taking up the drums and, before he was 16, he had established himself as an exceptionally gifted talent on both instruments. The time spent honing his skills in his early years has paid off as he is one of the most sought after musicians in the world today.

This new DVD release from RSJ Groove not only magnificently captures the event in London (mixed in 5.1 Surround) but also features exclusive interviews and photographs as well as an extensive Husband-produced bonus audio selection of enthralling highlights from the bands other concert dates. The DVD is available directly from RSJ Groove Records- or at and

"A musician whom I have known and admired for many years, not only for his wizardry at the piano, but for his artistry at the drums! Immense musical talent." -John McLaughlin

"Gary's pretty much of an improvisational genius to me ... One of the most talented and original musicians I have ever had the pleasure of making music with."-Allan Holdsworth

"I first heard him on an Allan Holdsworth recording in the early '80s. My impression was that this is where I'd like to be, in terms of my overall musical presentation through the drumset. You should also hear the tunes Gary writes, plus the way he plays. The guy's a genius. "- Billy Cobham
For More Information Contact:


PR Created and Submitted By

About the author:
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck conducts interviews, writes reviews, biographies, press releases and articles for Independent and Major artists Worldwide. Articles are dispersed on a vast network of websites. Links to sites with great music content are provided on my Homepage and Links Page.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Free Music Video Downloads

WOW Hits 2007
Listening to all of your favorite songs whenever you want isalways exciting. No more having to wait for it to be played onthe radio or have to go out and buy the whole CD for just oneparticular song. When you can download all of your favorite
songs for free it just makes it that much better. What if youcould download the music videos to all of your favorite songsfor free and add to the excitement every time you listen to thesong? In this article I’ll discuss some of the best places tofind free music video downloads and why some free music video download sites are better than others.

As mentioned in a previous article I wrote, Music Video Downloads, not all sites are going to be capable of good quality free music video downloads. Some are going to allow you to preview the first 30 seconds of a song, while other sites allow
you to watch only one song, then you must become a member to view more. However, there are sites out there that allow you to download good quality videos for free.

One of the bigger downsides to free video downloads, though, is that most places only allow you to watch the video and not save it to a file to view later. Yes, you can view it anytime you want by simply clicking on the video and having it load in about 15 seconds. However, if there is a certain list of songs you would like to observe, then you’ll have to search through the site to find them as oppose to having them all saved in a library.

Another downside to free music video downloads is the fact that most sites contain only popular artists and songs, so the unknown bands may be harder to find videos for. This is not to say that the selection is small, but it is limited to more of
the current hot hits.

One of the better sites that I have found for downloading music videos for free is Once you get to the home page at the top is a button for movies and videos, this is where you will find all of the free music video downloads. On this page you will find the top music videos for various categories such as hip-hop, pop, rock, and so on. Plus they have the top 5 music videos currently, with a button away from getting the top 600 music videos. I have found this site to be very quick and efficient with downloading videos, but as mentioned earlier you are only capable of viewing the videos and can not save them to a library or folder.

One of the more common and well known sites to find free music
video downloads is at For this site they have it
set up with six different categories that you can click on. As
you click on one of the categories it brings up the top six
videos under that category currently, then you are able to
browse all the videos for that category if you please. Or to
make things easier, they have a place where you can simply
search for a specific video.

I have listed two of the more popular sites to find free music
video downloads, and two of the easier sites to search through.
If you were to conduct a search for free music video download
sites on google, there are about 131 million different sites or
pages connected to this phrase. So as you can see there are
several different places to look for the videos, it’s just up to
you to find them. The two I have provided would be good ones to
start at, but feel free to broaden your horizon and begin
searching for the sites to find your favorite music videos for

About the author:
Best MP3 Music Downloads is a site that contains information, articles, and resources on all genres and styles of music. You can download music and videos, and find links to the best places to download music here:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free, Legal Music Online

Make Your Music Video and Put It Online (Book)
Almost everyone has heard about the massive crack down on Internet music piracy that has been occurring over the past few years. Napster was taken down (although it has now returned as a pay service), other file sharing programs now require users to pay for a license and the RIAA and other similar organizations are doing their best to hunt down copyright offenders and put an end to their crime sprees. The consumers on the other hand argue that their actions hurt nobody, that there is no damage done to anyone by their not buying an album. Furthermore, they claim, MP3s allow them to sample a CD before purchasing it, thus actually helping sales.

I'm not here to argue the pros and cons. Basically it's not worth it, as neither side of the argument will ever see the opposition's point of view. What I'd like to do is take a look at the completely free and legal alternative to 'stealing' music. Those wonderfully talented musicians who are willing to put their creations online to download for free, solely for the joy of spreading their creations to the masses.

Free music is surprisingly easy to come by, even music by famous bands. Sometimes it needs to be 'streamed' from the Internet, meaning that you can only listen to a song while you're online, but with the ever-growing popularity of broadband Internet this is really no longer a problem. Sites such as and provide free music by almost any band you can think of, although there is a large amount of it that has to be streamed and not downloaded. A search for 'free legal MP3 downloads' will reveal a huge number of pages to visit.

For something specific, try visiting the artist's website, or the site of their record label. These will often offer a few sample tracks to download for free. It's not quite as convenient as having access to every song that you want, but it's not a bad alternative.

But how about we forget about the mainstream for just a while and move towards the alternative? Towards the hopefuls, the talented bands that have yet been 'noticed'. There are a huge number of these smaller bands out there that are sticking their stuff online for any and all to listen to, just so that they can be heard. These can be easier to find, because most MP3 sites will be filled with these smaller acts. A great place to start is or the aforementioned

The great thing about smaller bands is that you can often find bands that come from your local area and then go and see them play live. Being able to see a favourite band live more than once a year (or lifetime) without expending huge amounts of money and time is pretty cool. Many music search engines will let you search for bands of a particular genre in a particular area, which makes it all quite easy.

A fairly major contributor to the online music scene is the remixer. These people take other tunes and redo them, usually in a techno style because one person can do this competently. Chief among the tunes selected to be remixed are those old ditties that used to play through the simplest of sound chips on aging consoles: the video game theme songs. People now go and grab the main tune line from an old favourite and fill it out, making real the work our imaginations used to do for us to turn the single tone melodies into orchestral masterpieces. A few good places to start are and as well as a personal favourite band

I hope this has given you something to think about. It's not hard to come across illegal MP3 rips, in fact it's often hard to avoid them, but if you give the free music scene a look you may find something completely different and new that will really do it for you. With web hosts already being penalized hugely for illegal content being stored on their servers (having an entire server taken down because of one inconsiderate user is damaging and irritating beyond belief) and moves being made to charge ISPs for the content being accessed by their users, it makes more sense than ever to get out there and grab yourself an awesomely original and completely legal music collection.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dyann Woody Releases Debut Solo Album My Softer Side

Nashville, TN--November 11, 2010--Who knew that this country singer was really a closet chanteuse? Dyann Woody makes a seamless transition from ‘Yee Haw’ to ‘Ooh La La’. She not only has the voice of an angelic siren, but what will amaze you even more is just how easy and pleasing her music is to listen to. She reaches across many genres and meshes elements of ‘70’s singer/songwriter style, jazz, blues and pop with the art of a well-crafted lyric.

Although this is Dyann’s first solo album, she has shared musical success with her husband as part of the Country Music Group, The Woodys. Their debut album on Rounder Records went #1 on the Americana charts; they were voted the Top County Vocal Duo at the International Music News Awards and have received worldwide critical acclaim for all three of their albums. However, there was still a part of Dyann that was musically unfulfilled. She wanted to write songs that expressed all of the emotions and experiences that she and other women have had in their lives in relationship to men. Dyann also wanted to use the full range of her voice bringing into play the years that she studied voice, classical music and jazz.
So, inspired by Norah Jones record, Come Fly Away, Dyann felt her time had come. She began writing songs for her own album drawing from earlier musical influences of the artists she loved like Billy Holliday and Bonnie Raitt. My Softer Side is a soulful and heartfelt musical offering that not only highlights great songwriting but her sweet & sultry vocals along with the stellar talents of Rick Vito (Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac), Barry Walsh (Shania Twain), Dave Pomeroy (Trisha Yearwood) and Steve Turner (Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton). Dyann’s very talented husband, Michael Woody, not only co-produced the album but played trumpet on it as well. He oversaw the entire project and brought to bear his expertise in songwriting (he is a #1 ASCAP songwriter) and encouraged Dyann’s Softer Side to be expressed through her singing. Pat Hutchinson of Warner Chappell Studios put the final icing on the cake as associate producer and engineer.

“I have to admit, I loved this album, every single song. Now how often do you hear someone say that? I would be willing to bet, not nearly enough. This CD is the most down to earth and real expression of artistry you will ever find in recorded music.” - Keith “MuzikMan”

CD Baby:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Do you like 80s music?

Do you like 80s music?
by: Silent One

Many people out there are nuts about 80's music. The sad reality of loving the music of the 1980's is that line-ups change, bands disband or the traditional press ignores their new output. That's what we're here to fix. Wondering what the latest news is on your favorite music artists?

Here are the number one songs from 1981:
01/31/81 "The Tide Is High" - Blondie (1 week)
Even though it only spent one week at the top of the chart, this was Blondie's longest lasting single, staying on the charts for 26 weeks.

02/07/81 "Celebration" - Kool And The Gang (2 weeks)
From 1973 to 1987 the band had a string of hits. This was their only number one, although 1983's "Joanna" and 1985's "Cherish" both made it to number two.

02/21/81 "9 To 5" - Dolly Parton (2 weeks)
Her first number one song, from the movie of the same name, in which she also starred.

02/28/81 "I Love A Rainy Night" - Eddie Rabbitt (2 weeks)
Back to back country artists had number one hits in February of 1981. This was Rabbitt's only number one along with three other songs that made the top 10.

03/21/81 "Keep On Loving You" - REO Speedwagon (1 week)
Their first song to hit the Top 40 chart, and the first of two number ones for the quintet from Champaign, Illinois that was named after a type of fire truck.

03/28/81 "Rapture" - Blondie (2 weeks)
The 4th and final number one song Blondie had in the '80s, and their second of 1981.

04/11/81 "Kiss On My List" - Hall and Oates (3 weeks)
The first number one of the '80s for the duo from Philadelphia. They previously hit the top of the charts with 1977's "Sara Smile," and would have several hits throughout the '80s.

05/02/81 "Morning Train (Nine To Five)" - Sheena Easton (2 weeks)
The sexy Scot's first single went all the way to number one and would be her only chart topper. She did have 6 other top 10 hits in the '80s.

05/16/81 "Bette Davis Eyes" - Kim Carnes (9 weeks)
The number two song of 1981 was written by the legendary Jackie DeShannon. Carnes was a former member of the New Christy Minstrels in the late '60s. Her only other top 10 song was 1980's duet with Kenny Rogers, "Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer."

06/20/81 "Medley" - Stars On 45 (1 week)
This novelty song had Dutch session singers redo classic songs from the '60s. They released three other Medley singles, but none even cracked the Top 40.

07/25/81 "The One That You Love" - Air Supply (1 week)
The only number one song for the Australian balladeers. They had seven consecutive top 5 singles from 1980 to 1982.

08/01/81 "Jessie's Girl" - Rick Springfield (2 weeks)
1981 was a great year for Australians, with 3 different artists reaching number one. Springfield played Dr. Noah Drake on the hit soap opera General Hospital in the early '80s. This would be his only number one song, but he also had 4 other singles hit the top 10.

08/15/81 "Endless Love" - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (9 weeks)
The title song for the movie starring Brooke Shields became a wedding staple and was Ross' final number one. It was Richie's first.

10/17/81 "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" - Christopher Cross (3 weeks)
The second movie theme in a row to top the charts in '81, it was Cross' second and final number one.

11/07/81 "Private Eyes" - Hall and Oates (2 weeks)
Another one of their 6 number one singles.

11/21/81 "Physical" - Olivia Newton-John (10 weeks)
The number one song of the year, and the song spending the most weeks at number one in the decade of the '80s. In addition to 10 weeks at number one, it spent a total of 21 weeks in the Top 40.
About the author:

Download Mp3 Music Safely

Download Mp3 Music Safely
by: Anne

DON'T Download JUNK! Make sure your download mp3 music is a quality mp3 and that your music download doesn't have hidden downloads that will not only ruin your search for great music but will annoy you and invade your privacy.

Here are the four hidden downloads most free music sites install on your computer when you download mp3‘s.

1.Spyware is almost always contained in mp3 freeware and shareware downloads. The spyware gathers information and monitors the activities you perform, unbeknown to you.
2.Adware is also contained in these mp3 download networks. Your computer can and probably will be stuffed with a huge amount of intrusive advertising.
3.Pornography is very prevalent on the Internet. Be very aware that porn peddlers disguise their software as the latest free mp3 download or game demo to redirect your modem to porn sites.
4.Spoofing is when download mp3 networks are filled with fake files. For example, if you download what you think is a popular mp3 song, you will get the same ten seconds of the song over and over again.
So in your hunt to download mp3 ‘s and create your own library of music, be selective of which music download site you use. There are many to choose from but few that offer privacy protection, online service, tech help, spyware-free and adware-free downloads, as well as a large library of quality mp3’s.

Things have come a long way with regards of how we listen to our favorite music. It's as easy as a push of a button with digital music.

Knowing where to start, how you want to listen to your music and what you want to do with it, is the first step. When you download mp3 files from online music services, you need to know what they allow you to do. Some songs are just for listening to, some can be downloaded, and some can be burned to a CD or a portable music player.

A few owners of certain artists publishing rights will not grant the license rights, which means some mp3's are not available for downloading.

The majority of the time, you'll find what you're looking for because the larger download MP3 subscription music web sites have access to the catalog of the Five Big Labels – Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, and BMG, which account for about 80% of recorded music.

So now that you have the facts on how to download mp3 ‘s, do some research for quality music download sites, take advantage of any Free Trials, download lot’s of music, turn up the volume and don’t forget to Sing Along!

About the author:

By Anne Spencer, editor of Music Download Review
To find a Top Music Download Site read:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Downloading Music

Downloading Music!
MP3 technology was the catalyst to one of the biggest revolutions in the media business in nearly 30 years.
When cassette tapes became popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's,the music industry did the now-familiar Chicken Little dance about its way of life being destroyed. The industry quickly co-opted that threat,turning albums on cassettes into a very lucrative business. In the mid-80's, CDs promised superior quality at lower prices, but we wound up only getting the better quality. Consumers never got the promised price break—album prices continued to climb. Those chickens would come home to roost soon enough.

It's taken the music industry the better part of ten years to finally devise some legal alternatives to the P2P file-sharing networks, and now there are well over a dozen online music services legally offering a wide range of genres to satisfy most musical palettes. Aside from one service's downloads being three cents cheaper than the next, what sets them apart? Which one gives you most flexibility about how you enjoy your music? And which one really gives you the most of what you want for your money?

Downloading MP3's made easy

Downloading MP3's made easy
The MP3 movement started out with a huge audience of music enthusiasts on the internet. The MP3 digital music format has had, and will continue to have, a huge impart on how people, gather, listen to and share music.

The MP3 format is a compression system for digital music that helps reduce the size of a digitized song without disturbing the sound quality. Digital music is converted to MP3 format and made available for use, usually via the web. MP3 files can be downloaded onto your computer from the internet and special software, either commercial or freeware. Using your computer and software you can convert digital music from a CD into MP3 format.

MP3 files can be played in three different ways:
1. They can be played directly onto your computer.
2. They can be decompressed and recorded onto a CD.
3. These files can be played on a portable MP3 player.

The advantage of MP3 players is that they are small, lightweight and rugged. They are a great way to carry your MP3 files with you!
With a portable MP3 player, a personal computer, and the appropriate software, you can do the following:
1. Obtain free or low-cost music from the web.
2. Create your own mix of music by downloading MP3 files from the web and converting the tracks from CDs.
3. Listen to near-CD quality music wherever you go.
4. Listen to more music (up to 10 hours' worth).
If you want to convert your songs from your CDs into MP3 files, you can use ripper and encoder software. A ripper copies a song's file from the CD onto your hard disk. The encoder compresses the song into the MP3 format. By encoding songs, you can play them on your computer or take them with you on your MP3 player. The ripper and encoder software may come with your MP3 player.
The specific instructions will vary with the individual software programs, but the following steps will definitely take place:
1. Place the CD from which you want to convert songs into your drive.
2. Select the track(s) that you want to convert to MP3 format.
3. Convert the selected track(s).
4. Copy the new MP3 files on to your computer's hard disk.
Now you are ready to download these MP3 files into your portable MP3 player.
Once you have MP3 files on your computer, you can use the software that came with your MP3 player to download the files into your MP3 player. Again, the specific instructions will vary depending upon your software program and player, but you will:

1. Create a playlist from your MP3 files.
2. Plug the player into your computer's parallel of USB port.
3. Transfer the MP3 files according to the instructions.
Once you have downloaded the MP3 files into your portable MP3 player, you are ready to take your music anywhere. Most MP3 players are small, lightweight, and solid-state. Because most players are solid-state, there are no moving parts to break down or skip, so the sound quality is uninterrupted regardless of your physical activity. MP3 players are equipped with various types of headphones or earpieces.

Portable MP3 players can play music longer than a portable CD player. The length of play for a CD player is about 74 minutes, the length of one CD. However, the length of play for an MP3 player depends upon its memory capacity, which can be upgraded on some models. A standard MP3 player can play for about half an hour (32 MB) to a few weeks (40 GB)! Some models can be upgraded with additional memory devices.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Darrel Andrews Releases New Album Spider Soul

Darrel Andrews Releases New Album Spider Soul
During the 70's, the late great Ray Charles sponsored a recording session of seven of Andrews' tunes, and two tunes were recorded by Bobby "Blue" Bland. There would be many more defining moments in the career of Darrel Andrews and fast forwarding to present day brings us to his latest achievement Spider Soul.

A tune titled “Spider Soul,” originally released in 1971, garnered tremendous interest recently, and inspired Andrews to re-record the tune along with many others he had composed in the 60s and 70s. Now there is a wonderful album with the same title available, which brings all of those songs to life again. The CD offers 14 tracks filled with home cooked rhythm & blues and soul, reminiscent of Isaac Hayes and the like. Andrews’ musicality and sensibilities drive each track while his past shines brightly through the instruments and his contagious vocal exercises.

Ironically, the one tune that got all the attention and spurred this project on was the title track, an instrumental gem. Booker T & The MGs and Jimmy Smith (one of the pioneers of the Hammond Organ sound) come to mind while getting your groove on listening to the track. The rest of the album is pure sweet pop, soul, and R & B vocals. There are times in life when bringing up the past can be a good thing and it was a blessing for this artist and everyone that will be listening to the CD.

Andrews also found Stretch The Skies, a full service independent musician’s resource to help bring him into the present day to market his CD. Their Music Button technology, now everywhere in the U.S. with Trans World Entertainment via their music stores Coconuts-Music and Movies (LocalEyez), Planet Music, Strawberries, F.Y.E.- For Your Entertainment, and Wherehouse, is part of selling and tracking the release as it gains momentum for the artist. The marriage of new technologies and music are no longer strange bedfellows, they are necessary for the success of an independent artist. It looks like Mr. Andrews is off to a great start.

Dance Music!

Dance Music!
by: Silent One

Dance music comes in many different forms, from disco to hip-hop. Though there have been various dance crazes throughout the history of popular music, dance music became its own genre in the mid-'70s, as soul mutated into disco and whole clubs were devoted to dancing. In the late '70s, dance clubs played disco, but by the end of the decade, disco was mutating into a number of different genres.

All of the genres were collected under the catch-all term "dance," though there were distinct differences between dance pop, hip-hop, house, and techno, among other subgenres. What tied them all together was their emphasis on rhythm -- in each dance subgenre, the beat remains all-important foundation.

Whatever the music, if you feel the beat you can dance to it.
About the author:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Burton Gaar Releases Track “Hurricane Trouble” To Organize Relief Effort

Burton Gaar Releases Track “Hurricane Trouble” To Organize Relief Effort
by: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
New Orleans, LA--October 20, 2010—Burton Gaar has been singing and playing the blues for many years now. Recent events have shaken our country and brought us together to help our fellow man. Now, never have the blues been more true to life than in Louisiana. Gaar is feeling the effects of the devastation of hurricane Katrina just like his brothers and sisters that call the delta their home. He decided to make a step in the right direction by recording and releasing “Hurricane Trouble,” a rockin’ blues number to get all of that feeling across to the world in his music. Gaar encapsulates whom he is by saying- “I play the crap out of the blues.” Indeed, he does, as the track is literal hurricane of blues guitar licks.

The objective of Gaar is to raise awareness of the need for aid in Louisiana. He wants to organize a benefit concert to assist musicians and their families that have lost everything due to the storm. The hope is that “Hurricane Trouble” will circulate quickly and jump-start the entire process of getting people together for the cause.

Gaar invites everyone to send an e-mail to him @ and request a MP3 of the song, he will send it to you with hopes that you will pass it on to spread the word carried in the song. Louisiana and the victims of the hurricane need you and music is the best way to reach out and touch the masses. Acknowledge his efforts by sending him an e-mail and requesting the song today. In the spirit of brotherhood and good will listen to the song and then send it to as many people as you can.

Contact Person:
George Hollinshead
Sound Ventures Records
P.O. Box 290
Evergreen, LA 71333
Tel: 318-613-5194
CD Baby:

PR Created and Distributed By

About the author:
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck conducts interviews, writes reviews, biographies, press releases and articles for Independent and Major artists Worldwide. Articles are dispersed on a vast network of websites.
Links to sites with great music content are provided on my Homepage and Links Page.

Bands and Professionalism

Bands and Professionalism
Bands and Professionalism, I view this is a very important topic. There are alot of bands that don't cross their T's and dot their I's. It's for the most part fairly easy to learn your part of the song on your instrument and perhaps your vocal part, but there are many other things to take into account for your live performances. Remember, you're being paid to do a job, and as fun as that job might be it is still in fact, a job. The venue owner or talent buyer is expecting you to come through with a quality performance. To start with, You want to arrive at the venue in plenty of time to set up and do your sound checks. Unless you really trust your sound man, you may want to have a long enough cord or a cordless system so you can stand out front and make sure all is well with the sound. Obviously there may need to be some adjustments when the place is full, but for the most part you should be in good shape.

For the performance itself, every band whether you're doing covers or origional material, your sound and stage presence or lack there of is what makes you and your show unique. Too much time (also known as dead air) between songs is definitely not good. For one thing, you tend to lose your audience's attention and you want to keep your momentum.You can avoid this by having a set list so you know what song is coming up next. You can also purchase equipment with memory that will allow your instruments effects to be up and running at the start of each song. You can have the last note of one song to be the first of the next song allowing you to run songs together in a medley. In many cases a song will start with one instrument so if you play that instrument and you know the timing well enough you can start right in providing the rest of the band is prepared for that. Of course, you want to have some interaction with the audience and each band according to it's personality will have it's way of addressing this. Relax and go with the flow. Just remember people are there for the music not for a speech.

About the author:
Dave Wilson: Booking Agent and musician of 30 years.

An Innovative Piano Instruction Video Game - Excellent Way to Learn to Play Piano

An Innovative Piano Instruction Video Game - Excellent Way to Learn to Play Piano
by: Ivan Alegre


People that play the piano beautifully fascinate me. It is interesting the different paths some of them take to become good at it. There are so many options now days for children and adults interested in becoming concert pianists, or just become comfortable with this instrument and play it whenever they feel like it, carry a tune for their enjoyment or to please others like myself.

Many excellent piano players started their education at a young age, because they were given the opportunity by their parents, relatives or friends, and with time they found a way to express themselves, increasing their self confidence opening doors of inspiration and self satisfaction to become better at their new enterprise.

In this technological age of computers and video games, these have become an excellent way to transmit information at an early age to children. The challenge remains in figuring out which video games should we buy and keep.

As far as piano learning is concerned, recently I have been shown and become interested in the PianoWizard video game package from Allegro Multimedia. piano instruction game computer software provides a fun attention grabber display setting to users, teaching them to play music first by being involved with game activities on the screen that they can interact with a fun color coded keyboard. This makes children start enjoying music without them even realizing they are stepping into the piano-playing world. This computer instruction game teaches music notation while children get more into the game, making the learning curve transparent, pressure free, fun and enjoyable.

The system works with MIDI files that one can download to a computer, in fact, the company's main site has links to many sites that have a large amount of MIDI files and information.

I find that the price for the keyboard and PianoWizard video game package is very affordable for all the capabilities included in the piano instruction software. I really do like the fact that one can up-load any type of song in MIDI format into the game and start playing it along in minutes. I believe your time will be well spent while visiting their site and learn about their excellent piano instruction game purchasing offer.

My best wishes to you and your children in this musical and uplifting venture.

About the author:
About the author
Ivan Alegre is a Technology Market Analyst and apiano instruction game enthusiast.

American Armed Forces Find Sanctuary In Rhythm Of Honor CD

American Armed Forces Find Sanctuary In Rhythm Of Honor CD
by: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Hollywood, CA--8/22/05--We are sometimes caught dealing in generic phrases like "military action" or "defense plan," and we may forget that good men and women, not words, defend freedom. These people are fathers, aunts, cousins, younger, older, grumpy, funny, quiet and/or loud, just like you and me, except they offer their lives "on demand" to protect ours. Rhythm Of Honor, an eclectic CD recently released by Goodnight Kiss Music, pays tribute to the American Armed Forces and their families.

Listeners have an opportunity to take part in a two-fold process that helps all the individuals involved in the project, directly and indirectly. While 50 cents of every CD retail sale is donated to the Wounded Warriors Hospital Fund and 95% of all their donations go to rehabilitating the troops wounded in war, you have an opportunity to hear independent artists perform songs from a multitude of genres.

Eleven tracks make up the powerful Rhythm Of Honor CD. It is full of heart wrenching lyrics that will make you reevaluate your life and bring tears to your eyes. The variety of music is extraordinary, giving all musical tastes a chance to zone in on the meaning of this disc. While the musicianship is good, the heartfelt lyrics will force you to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you ever complain about your life. This is all about the personal stories of real life heroes, our United States military.

This is not your everyday CD, and it is not only the music that you will hear loud and clear. The story between the notes will hit home with force. The music is great and it drives all the messages straight to heart with feelings that are hard to describe without having some kind of personal experience related to the subject.

If you are grateful for what you have and believe in preserving the freedom of our nation then Rhythm Of Honor will hold meaning and significance for you. While it may help to have first hand experience with the military way off life, it is not a necessity to take part in this wonderful musical effort dedicated to those that make personal sacrifice a part of their daily lives.

Contact Person: Janet Fisher
Company: Goodnight Kiss Music
Address: 10153 1/2 Riverside Drive #239;Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Fax: (831) 465-1964
Tel: (831) 479-9993
CD Buy Link:
Warrior Hospital Fund Link:


PR Created and Submitted By “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-

About the author:
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck conducts interviews, writes reviews, biographies, press releases and articles for Independent and Major artists Worldwide. Articles are dispersed on a vast network of websites.
Links to sites with great music content are provided on my Homepage and Links Page.

Alternatives to Digital Audio

Alternatives to Digital Audio
by: Hans Dekker

Although MP3 is the most popular format for encoding music, it is by no means the only one. There are two basic methods for compressing audio – lossless and lossy, and for each of these methods there are many formats.

Lossless compression means that none of the audio data is removed during compression. Lossy compression means that audio data is permanently removed from the audio file. Lossy compression results in smaller files, but there is no way to rebuild the audio data to its original format. MP3 is an example of lossy compression.

Lossy Compression Formats

There are many alternatives to MP3 when it comes to encoding audio files. Microsoft reportedly developed the WMA format to avoid the licensing costs associated with MP3. WMA files can be played with the Windows Media Player that is included with the Windows operating system as well as many other audio players. It features similar encoding rates to MP3 and similar file sizes.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is the format preferred by Apple and is used for its popular iTunes and iPod products. AAC files can be smaller than MP3 files because it uses more efficient encoding technology. A 96 kpbs AAC file is similar in sound quality to a 128 kbps MP3 file.

Ogg Vorbis is another type of lossy compression and uses .OGG as the file extension. It is an open-source product and unlike MP3, there are no patent restrictions on its use.

Lossless Compression

For the audio purist who insists on the best quality sound possible, lossless compression offers CD quality sound. The tradeoff is larger files sizes – while MP3 can compress audio in the range of 80% - 90%, lossless compression typically compresses the file by half.

Popular lossless formats include FLAC, Monkey’s Audio, and SHN (Shorten). These formats are supported by many audio players and are popular for archiving CD collections as well as for trading music.

About the author:

Hans is editor of the Audio Howto Section of the Selected Audio Review Guide

5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Radio Play for Your “Independent” Music!

5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Radio Play for Your “Independent” Music!
by: Ty Cohen

You have to find radio airplay time if you’re going to be heard and we’re not just talking the local college campus. The trick is called promotion. Now that doesn’t mean you just put your press kit in an envelope with a demo and hope they take pity on you. Perhaps you call a station and they give you the standard pitch of, “Send it and if we like it we’ll put you in rotation.” After a few months of never hearing your music, you automatically think you’re not worthy.

First, don’t buy that. You’re one of hundreds, maybe even thousands depending on your city. Your disc will probably end up in the trash or, for more enterprising DJ's, on Ebay in a one-cent CD sale. If you want to be heard and make potential sales, you have to stand out from the crowd, and in this jewel of an article, I’ll show you Five(5) Knock ‘em Dead Ways to Do Just That!:

#1 - Get your CD into the right hands. The intern that’s too busy to getting coffee or typing up a report for the station manager isn’t going to be the one making the airplay decision. So find out who the head honcho is in that department and touch base with them. If the club you’re playing at charges an admission or you have a show coming up offer to send the stations tickets to give away to listeners. Now keep in mind you can’t give the tickets to the staff, since that’s illegal and called payola, but you can offer free giveaway items to your potential audience.

#2 - If you’ve got one station in your pocket, then drop names. Let them know that WABC is playing your music and it’s getting a great response.

#3 - Make genuine friends in the business. If you’ve got a disc jockey that’s got you in rotation and really likes your sound, get to know them. Find out why they enjoy it and see if they’ve gotten any responses from listeners. If they haven’t, ask if perhaps they might Q & A their callers about your music so you get a feel for your target audience. It’s not a bad idea to ask them for a testimonial or quote if they’re well known in your area if you know them personally. People help people. That’s a fact so if you treat your area disc jockeys like a living and breathing human and not dollar signs, that’s a foot in the door. Another good source is club owners. If they play your music and the fans go nuts ask them to say a few words about your sound that you can pass along to prospective stations, but be sure to sit down for a drink with them. Ask them about the picture of him and the woman and two kids behind the Magic Kingdom. Don’t be fake, but be genuinely interested.

#4 - Network. Find out if someone you know (or someone they know) has connections to the music stations. Remember six degrees of separation - you’re only six people away from knowing anyone on the planet and yes that includes station managers, concert promoters and record execs. The trick is it takes a great deal of work and time, but if you’re serious, it’s well worth it.

#5 - Go local, state, national. Don’t think you’re going to skip your local and state stations and be the next Matchbox Twenty. It doesn’t work that way. Start small and then get big.

Making contacts and getting names can be tough, that’s why you should start with a tested and proven music industry resource like The Industry Yellow Pages - Music Industry Contact Directory at

The TIYP is helpful and loaded with contacts you can start using immediately without doing all the legwork yourself.

About the author:
This article was written by Ty Cohen, the music industry's most recognizable voice!
Ty is the C.E.O of Platinum Millennium Publishing, Platinum Millennium Records as well as owner of www.MusicContracts101.comand

Some of his work includes: books, directories, mini-courses and software programs including the titles: "How to Make a Fortune in the Music Industry by Doing it Yourself" and "How to Make $500,000.00 "or More" A Year in the Music Industry by Doing it Yourself".
For nearly a decade, Ty Cohen's Get Amplified! Newsletter and series of Free Music Industry Success “Mini Courses” has helped over 40,000 independent musicians, singers, rappers, composers, record label owners, producers, managers, agents and others reach their music business goals. Using a unique combination of tested and proven music business success resources, which includes a series of books, directories, software programs, videos, seminars and newsletters, our goal is to educate and empower musical individuals just like you with the tools needed to succeed!
To find out more about Ty Cohen, his services, products and how he may be able to help you succeed in the music industry go to http://www.MusicIndustrySuccess.comand sign up for his free limited edition music industry success 10-part “Mini-Course”, it will work wonders for you and best of all, it’s FREE, but EXTREMELY VALUABLE!

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Lirik dan Kunci Gitar ST12 - Setiaku

Lirik, Kunci gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar ST12 - Setiaku :

Intro: E

E B/D# C#m
Haruskah aku berlari mengejar kamu
A G#m F#m B
Bila ku cinta padamu
E B/D# C#m
Seribu cara ‘tuk buktikan kepadamu
A G#m F#m B
Agar kau yakin padaku

E B/D# C#m
Ku kan berjanji
G#m F#m C#/F F#m
Setiaku hanyalah dirimu
G# C#m B A
Takkan terganti di hatiku
F/Bb B
Aku padamu

E B/D# C#m
Cintaku dan cintamu harus jadi satu
A G#m F#m B
Karena ku sayang padamu
E B/D# C#m
Oh tak pernah terlintas ‘tuk jauh dari kamu
A G#m F#m
Cintaku jujur padamu
Jujur padamu ohhh

Back to Reff:

Interlude: C#m B A E
C#m B/D# E
F# B

A B G#m C#m
kan ku buat dirimu yang paling indah
F#m B
Memanjakanmu merindukanmu ohh

Back to Reff: 2x

Coda: E A (2x) E

Lirik Kaca Mata Band - Dirty's

Lirik Kaca Mata Band - Dirty's

When i see ur face
i feel like im a stranger
dirty like a monster
gonna wild
bcause i will never stoped
i want you to getting making love

for second time i`ve got a see you
i want to getting kiss you
and can you see like im a dore of you

* REFF :

This is guilty party was start over
we make it in the bathroom
gonna wild coz i will never stop
and i want you to getting making love

this crazy time was drop me at a bad
imagination give me a reason for
gonna wild coz im was too young

this crazy time disturb me at nite
i wannt to getting my time its comeback now
and its not too late..
to getting party tonight..

And thank you ..
for the 1st time we make it in the bathroom floor
we getting kisses and so we do
let's the making love

Lirik Lagu Terbaru plus Kord

Lirik Lagu Terbaru plus Kord (Chord)

Kord (Chord) Lagu Barat


Yovie & Nuno - Tak Setampan Romeo (new!)

GIA - Lihat Saja Nanti (new!)

Project Pop - Komplikasi (Cape Deh) (new!)

D'Lloyd Junior - Apa Salah dan Dosaku (new!)

D'Lloyd Junior - Oh Tak Mungkin (new!)

Indonesian Idol - Bersatulah Indonesia (new!)

Putih - Amanda (new!)

Lyla - Magic (new!)

Mytha Lestari - Tentang Mimpiku (new!)

Teuku Wisnu feat Shireen Sungkar -Cinta Kita (new!)

The Virgin - Love Setengah Mati (new!)

Ungu - Ibu (new!)

Afgan - Dia Dia Dia (new!)

Keyla - Hingga (new!)

D'masiv - Apa Salahku (new!)

Marcell - Peri Cintaku (new!)

Five Minutes - Aisah (new!)

Nano - Sampai Kumati (new!)

Calvin Jeremy - Dua Cinta Satu Hati (new!)

Rossa - Memeluk Bulan (new!)

Gigi - Amnesia (new!)

Vierra - Sandainya (new!)

Astrid - Tentang Rasa (new!)

Geisha - Kamu Yang Pertama (new!)

Glenn Fredly - How Can I (new!)

Hijau Daun - Setiap Detik (new!)

Saba - Kembali Untukmu (new!)

Drive - Katakanlah (new!)

Aditya - Hingga Akhir Waktu (new!)

Ryan V - Selalu Hadir Untukmu (new!)

Marsya Manopo - Kasihku Pergilah (new!)

Legna - Aku Ingin Dia (new!)

Vidi Aldiano -Datang Dan Kembali (new!)

Almost D'va - Sumpah (new!)

Sheila on 7 - Hari Bersamanya (new!)

The Cash - Diet (new!)

Olif - Cintailah Aku (new!)

Armada - Ku Ingin Setia (new!)

Blackout - Join Kopi (new!)

Sherina - Pergilah Kau (new!)

Ecoutez - Sakit (new!)

Zigas - T.A.R (Teman Atau Ratu) (new!)

Yovie & Nuno - Manusia Biasa (new!)

Pasto - Teman Atau Kekasih (new!)

Firman - Kehilangan (new!)

Andra & The Backbone - Tunggu Aku (new!)

Gita Gutawa - Selamat Datang Cinta (new!)

Soulvibe - Antartika (new!)

D'bagindas - C.I.N.T.A (new!)

Vidi Aldiano - Cemburu Menguras Hati (new!)

Audy - Lama Lama Aku Bosan (new!)

Utopia - Mencintaimu Sampai Mati (new!)

Pasto - Tanya Hati (new!)

Nidji - Dosakah Aku (new!)

Night To Remember - Sorry (new!)

Alexa - Sampai Kapan (new!)

The Titans - Rasa Cinta (new!)

Kuburan - Gemes (Ulat Bulu) (new!)

SHE - Apalah Arti Cinta (new!)

The Virgin - Belahan Jiwa (new!)

Indah Pertiwi - Baru Aku Tahu Cinta itu Apa (new!)

Ungu - Kuingin Selamanya (new!)

Five Minutes - Sumpah Mati (new!)

Project Pop - Don't Lie (new!)

Hello - Dua Cincin (new!)

d'Masiv - Sudahi Perih Ini (new!)

Afgan - Cinta Dua Hati (new!)

Kahitna - Mantan Terindah (new!)

Kangen - Nilailah Aku (new!)

Blackout - Resiko Orang Cantik (new!)

Ello - Seharusnya (new!)

ST 12 - Putri Iklan (new!)

Sherina - Geregetan (new!)

Gruvi - Orang Nggak Penting (new!)

Gruvi - ABC Cinta (new!)
76. Lirik Lagu Barat — Song Lyrics

Lirik Lagu dan Kord (Chord) Gitar

1. Andra & The Backbone — Sempurna (Kord Diagram)

2. Vagetos — Betapa Aku Mencintaimu

3. Matta — Ketahuan

4. Ungu — Cinta Dalam Hati

5. Gigi — Sebelas Januari

6. Ari Lasso/Ft. Bunga Citra L — Aku dan Dirimu

7. Once — Kucinta Kau Apa Adanya

8. The Rock (Dhani Dewa) — Munajat Cinta

9. Padi — Sang Penghibur

10. Maia — Ingat Kamu

11. Yovie & Nuno — Menjaga Hati

12. Mulan Jameela — Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy

13. Bondan P & Fade 2 Black — Kroncong Protol

14. Letto — Sebelum Cahaya

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lyric and Chord Guitar The Gazette - Silly God Disco

Lyric, Chord Guitar, Kunci gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar, Japan Rock, The Gazette - Silly God Disco :

Intro: B

Bm D A
It is cheesed with power and the morality of which it goes mad
Bm D
A lot of people became dogs having tied to the chain
You are happy happy there?

Instrmental: B

Bm D A
I want to be enjoying the life though it will knock against a high
Bm D A
Wall hereafter i'm already dead however i was saved with the love

I swore i at that time i will walk life that shines highest
F#m D
There is no fear it gets it over though there is a painful day too
Now let's go the wing expands and goes, to look for freedom and the glory
F#m D
The world that extends to the place waits surely for you


E F#m G D
Odoranai ka? real cinderella kizu darake no garasu no maachin de

Bm D E
Hey god! are you ready? (3x) kikasete yo "bodies"
Bm D E
Hey god! are you ready? (3x) zecchou wo oshiete yaru yo tonight


I swore i at that time i will walk life that shines highest
F#m D
There is no fear it gets it over though there is a painful day too
Now let's go the wing expands and goes, to look for freedom and the glory
F#m D
The world that extends to the place waits surely for you

Bm D E
Hey god! are you ready? (3x) hizumi wo agete
Bm D E
Hey god! are you ready? (3x) hibiki kasetekure tonight

Hey god! are you ready? (3x) dou ni demo shitekure
Hey god! are you ready? (3x) kurui dashita yoru ni yori mo amai
Fuck'n roll buchikondekure

Lirik dan Kunci Gitar Kotak - Cinta Jangan Pergi [CJP]

Lirik, Kunci gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar Kotak - Cinta Jangan Pergi [CJP]:

D F#m Em A
Cinta jangan pernah kau coba pergi
D F#m Em A
Karena di sini ku butuh kamu
D F#m Em A
Cinta jangan pernah kau coba lari
D F#m Em A
Karena di sini ku ingin kamu

D Bm
Aku tak bisa bayangkan
Em A
Bila kau tak ada di sini
D Bm
Aku tak habis pikirkan
Em A
Bila kau tak lagi temani aku

D Bm
Aku tak bisa bayangkan
Em A
Bila kau tak ada di sini
D Bm
Aku tak habis pikirkan
Em A
Bila kau tak lagi temani aku

D F#m Em A
Cinta jangan pernah kau coba pergi
D F#m Em A
Karena di sini ku butuh kamu
D F#m Em A
Cinta jangan pernah kau coba lari
D F#m Em
Karena di sini ku ingin kamu
Em F#m G Bm A

Int: D Bm Em A

D F#m Em A
Cinta jangan pernah kau coba pergi
D F#m Em A
Karena di sini ku butuh kamu
D F#m Em A
Cinta jangan pernah kau coba lari
D F#m Em A
Karena di sini ku ingin kamu

D Bm Em A
Cinta jangan pernah pergi
D Bm Em A
Cinta jangan pernah lari
D Bm
Jangn pergi jangan lari
Em A D
Cinta jangan pernah kau coba pergi