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Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to Find and Download Your Favorite Music Videos guitar 
 by: Jeff Schuman
With all of the latest technology of downloading songs to burn onto CD’s, iPod’s, and more, the simple thought of music video downloads often passes peoples minds anymore. With burning songs onto CD’s, and listening to songs on your iPod, you’re only retaining the audio portion of music and completely overlooking the visual aspect of music.

Sure you can tune into MTV and VH1 and all of the other music channels. However, anymore there are more TV and reality shows on the music channels then there are actual music videos.

With music video downloads on your personal computer, you can download a video of your favorite artist or favorite song in a matter of minutes depending on your internet connection speed. Once downloaded you can save it to a file or if you download from one site, most contain a library in which all of your favorite music videos will be saved to.

In this day and age nothing is legally free, so one might ask themselves how much it will cost to actually watch music videos? Is it really worth it to pay for music videos when you can watch them on TV? Depending on the site you download from, it is very much worth it to pay the low cost and have a much larger selection than on TV and be able to watch them whenever you want.

There are millions of sites that offer music video downloads for free, so what’s the catch. For a majority of the sites you can only view 30 seconds of the song such as at Other sites such as allow you to view one music video, kind of like a teaser to see the quality of video. After
viewing the video if you attempt to watch another one, it takes you to the sign in page where you can either log-in if already a member, or you can learn the prices and register to get unlimited access to millions of videos.
At they offer a deal where you can get unlimited
downloads of music videos and music in general to save to your
computer for just $4.99/mo. At there are over 1
million songs to choose from allowing you to never be left
unsatisfied. There are system requirements in order to download
the program that can be viewed at, but with music that cheap
it’s hard to pass up.

Another site worth checking out is At this
site you can purchase a 2 year membership for $1/mo. or a single
year membership for $1.57/mo. With a membership to this site
you receive unlimited access to billions of songs, no software
is required to download, and you can burn unlimited songs as
well. With this site you also are not limited to just music
video downloads, but you are also capable of downloading mp3s,
movies, TV and Radio shows, and much more.

Now that you have knowledge of how to download music videos and
why to download music videos, get out there and begin building
up a large library videos for a low cost.

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